The Quality

The company gives top priority to the quality control during all production stages, starting from the stage of raw materials up to after -production stage.


The Raw Materials

Our laboratory is provided with the most modern equipment and operated by a highly-experienced, well trained and skilled technical team. This is to make sure that the incoming raw materials undergo strict examinations levels. The cement, for example, undergoes physical and chemical examinations monthly to insure the congruity of the quality. The sand used in batching the ready-mix concrete is also examined to know its components of chlorides, sulfates and mud. The sand that passes these examinations is only used.


The final product

The final product of the ready-mix concrete is not excluded from such accurate and strict examinations. Before supplying, all production cargos leaving the factory are examined to insure their congruity and efficiency, taking into consideration the absorbability and infiltration to achieve the required continuity. The ready-mix concrete samples are taken and internally treated in particular tanks designed for such purpose. After this, breakage power test for cubes is done and all results are registered in a record book specified for studying and monitoring the performance of the ready-mix concrete. In addition to this, the quality control warranty programs include accurate maintenance for utilities, trucks and factory equipments by providing and performing all safety conditions and occupational health. which provides a safe environment achieving the protection from dangers for both humans and equipments, God willing.


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